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Located in Dong Guan China, King Star PCC isfocused on designing, producing and distributingdeluxe cardistry and marketing playing cards,andwe also offer the service of producing various ofcards according to client's specifications. Based on our advantage of excellent design ability,King Star PCC staff also creaate other amazing products relevant to the field of playing cards, boardand animation game cards.

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    Each specific card game has its own rules. Like Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto. There are some common characteristics of trading card games:
    On each card, regardless of the game, there is text that states the rules, describing the conditions and effects of those cards.
    Basically every game requires players to have a set of cards of their own design. Players need to pick a certain number of cards from thousands of cards and play with each other to win the game. This provides a great deal of openness and diversity to the matchups.
    Generally speaking, the use of any card requires certain conditions. For example, Magic: The Gathering needs land, Pokemon cards need power cards, and so on.
    The basic rules of the game are to use their own conditions, the cards in their own set of cards to use, make it produce a certain effect, in order to achieve the winning conditions required by the game.
    No matter what the game is, what the rules are, but the game is played in rounds, and the rounds follow a certain structure, right